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    Donghuang High Boiling Solvent GDBE
    Post Date:May 16,2019
    Price: USD 1,800.00
    CAS Registry Number:111-55-7


    High Boiling Solvent GDBE

    CAS :111-55-7


    GDBE (polyol dibasic esters) is a new type ofenvironmental-friendlyhigh boiling point solvents, launched by Guangzhou Donghuang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. . Compared to the traditional high boiling solvent DBE, it has a feature of narrow distillation range, stable composition, excellent solubility, good smell, etc.


    Key features:

    1. High boiling point

    2. Excellent solubility

    3. Good smell, non-toxic,stable boiling range

    4. Improve the flow and leveling properties

    5. Adjust the drying speed, spend shorter time to dry than DBE in winter, normal use in low temperature.


    Main applications:

    Widely used in the fields of automobile coating, coil coating, wood coating, wire coating , baking coating,printing coating, ink industry, resin industry, cleaning industry, cellulose ester, luminous paint, etc. It can dissolve the rosin, acetate esters, nitrocellulose, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyester resins, etc.


    As a solvent , can be used in the manufacture of paints, adhesives and paint removal etc. . GDBE can totally or partially replace the cyclohexanone, isophorone, CAC , PMA , BCS , DBE


    Technical indicator


    Colorless Clear Liquid

    Ester content %


    Ethylene glycol diacetate(Cas:111-55-7)


    Diethylene glycol acetate(Cas:628-68-2)


    Ethylene glycol monoacetate (Cas:542-59-6)


    Acid value(mg koH/g)


    Boiling range(℃)


    Relative density


    Water content %


    Color APHA(APHA)


    Flashing Point(open cup)



    Storage Precautions

    Packed in iron or enamel tank. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Prevent direct sunlight, keep the container tightly closed. With oxidizing agents, acids, bases, reducing agents stored separately and avoid mixing reservoir. With the phase of fire equipment. Storage areas should be equipped with spill response equipment and materials suitable host.

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    Location China(Mainland)
    CompanyGuangzhou Donghuang Chemical Technology Co, Ltd.
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